Festival d'Art sacré de Senlis

Festival d'Art sacré de Senlis
サンリス アート・サクレ

「第一回 アート・サクレ」は、フランスパリ郊外のサンリス市で開催されたアートフェスティバルです。ディレクターのマーク・イゴネ氏を中心にサンリス市が主催。世界各国の作家による展覧会とイベントが行われました。



"Senlis Sacred Art Festival" is an art festival held in City Senlis in a suburb of Paris, France. It was supported by City Senlis with Mr. Marc Higonnet as the leader, and the event was not just an exhibition.

It went beyond ethnicity and religion.

In 2019, "Japan" was invited to the event as a guest. With the theme of "The song of the earth to the stars" recitation by French Actress Juliette Binoche and hymns sung by a choir captivated the audience.

Modern Art Energy sets an award for artists who makes an exhibition at an event and hopes to deepen exchanges with artists from around the world.